Welcome to Advanced Urology Associates of Florida

With our full time staff of 20, we offer our patients thorough, efficient and cost effective urological healthcare. With onsite CT and ultrasound scanning to clinical laboratory and anatomic pathology services we optimize your care at our facilities.

Our Board Certified Urologist is Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the Florida State University College of Medicine.

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Latest Innovations

Cryo Surgery for Prostate & Renal Cancer

FISH (DNA test for Bladder and Prostate Cancer)

Fully Accredited In-office CT Scan for all insurance plans including Medicare

Women's Center

Secure Patient Portal Access to Lab Reports


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Conditions Treated

Prostate & Kidney Care (Including Cryotherapy and Laser)

Female & Male Incontinence

Impotence & Sexual Dysfunction Therapy & Surgery

Bladder Treatments including Sacral Neuromodulation/Bladder Pacemaker

Vasectomy & Reversal

The Women's Center


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AUAF Benefits

Office, hospital, or same day surgery

Office laboratory, CT Scan, and ultrasound

Adult and pediatric care

Alternative medicine treatments

Cryo and Laser Surgery

And Much More